INTERNATIONAL TRADE FINANCINGInternational trading is a major problem for many businesses, regardless of their size or industry.

The increased demand for shorter payment cycle by exporters is one of the biggest issues facing importers. This typically entails problems in importing from the suppliers from countries where credit insurance is not a mainstream solution for exporters.


Zoglix enables you to cover the default risk, upon request from suppliers in India, allowing your company to consolidate its commercial import relationships so you can obtain a short-term buyer’s credit for goods you source from Indian suppliers without the need of issuing any kind of banker’s guarantee, letter of credit, bill of exchange.


Invoices are financed at the instance of completion of shipment and before the formal acceptance of documents and goods by the importer. Import factoring will enable you to purchase goods from an Indian supplier on short term credit of up to 180 days on open account terms without the need for opening a letter of credit. As an importer, you will receive credit from your Indian supplier without incurring any additional cost charged to a factor like GTF. Your primary obligation would be to make payments to the factoring company - Credlix on the due date.

How it works

Explore our import factoring benefits

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    No Business Credit Required:

    Factoring is the sale of invoices or accounts receivable. Suppliers do not borrow money or incur debt, so exporters don’t need established business credit for factoring. Thus, Invoice Factoring is available to startup companies when most other financing is not.

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    Faster than Loan:

    Once your supplier is set up with a factor, they can most often have money in their account in 48 hours or less, much faster turnaround than a bank!

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    Not a Debt:

    When supplier factors the invoices, they are selling assets not borrowing money. They do not incur liabilities and there is no adverse effect on the balance sheet or other financial statements.

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    Additional Services:

    Avail additional services such as billing, invoice collections, and account receivable management, helping suppliers to grow their business and increasing sales.

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    Manage Cash Flow:

    Invoice Factoring gives your suppliers the liquidity they need to pay your bills and grow their business.

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    Unrestricted Use of Funds:

    Because factoring is the sale of assets (invoices or accounts receivable, there are no restrictions or limitations on the funds suppliers receive from Credlix.

Reliable International Trade Financing Solutions:
Empowering The Import Potential

Economic growth and international relations today are backed and strengthened by international trade. International trade opens a world of opportunities for businesses all over the world. For international business owners looking to import goods and services from India, Zoglix offers reliable international trade financing solutions. With a commitment to facilitate seamless overseas transactions, we are a trusted partner for seamless imports from India.

As an international business owner, partnering with Indian suppliers offers various benefits like competitive pricing, skilled labor, and a vast consumer base. Zoglix understands the potential of the Indian market and offers customized trade financing solutions that strengthen your growth plans.

International Buisiness

Comprehensive Trade Financing,
SolutionsEmpowering The Import Potential

Here, business owners from other parts of the world get access to a wide range of trade financing solutions that are particularly designed to simplify the import process from India. Whether you require pre-shipment financing, post-shipment financing, or documentary collections, Zoglix offers flexible options to meet your specific needs. When you partner with us, you only focus on growth, leaving the rest to us.Trust Zoglix for seamless retail sourcing solutions.

The Zoglix Advantage

We offer tailored financing solutions to fulfill specific needs of every business. Our team collaborates closely with international business owners to design customized packages.

We even simplify the complex documentation process associated with international trade.
We offer the most competitive interest rates on trade financing solutions that make businesses manage their costs and boost ROI. We understand the risks associated in international trade and provide risk mitigation services such as credit insurance and trade risk assessment.

Zoglix’s expertise makes sure that you can perform seamless cross-border transactions and also reduce risks associated with international trade. By choosing us, you unlock the advantages of collaborating with Indian suppliers and take your business to new heights in the international marketplace.

Zoglix is your trusted partner for end-to-end procurement solutions.Trust Zoglix for efficient and reliable procurement services.

International Buisiness

About Credlix

Credlix, a Moglix company is a digital supply chain finance platform provide quick collateral-free working capital solutions for enterprises, suppliers and exporters who make in India and Southeast Asia to connect to the next opportunity in the global manufacturing supply chain. Building on Moglix’s unique full-stack operating system for B2B commerce, we at Credlix, offer a bespoke digital supply chain finance solution that brings together anchor enterprises, suppliers, exporters, and lenders to keep domestic supply chain and export finance moving all time.


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