RETAILERSThe Retail Trade sector is the final step in the distribution of merchandise

It includes retailers operating brick-and-mortar locations and non-store retailers operating via mail-order, door-to-door, kiosks and internet mediums. Total retail sales in the United States were forecast to amount to 4.86 trillion U.S. dollars in 2022, up by 53 billion U.S. dollars in the previous year.


Rethinking procurement for retailers and brands

  • Vendor complexity management

    Centralized management of your entire India vendor portfolio

  • Service levels

    OTIF of +95% across all categories

  • Traceability

    Tech-enabled visibility with client dashboard of complete order lifecycle

  • Network

    500+ supplier network that covers the entire spectrum from design to delivery

  • Sustainability

    15-20% reduction in carbon footprint with easy access to natural and recyclable fabrics

  • Speed to market

    Significant lead time reductions of up to 20%

  • Vendor complexity management

    Centralized management of your entire India vendor portfolio

  • Cost competitiveness

    7-8% cost reduction through efficient RM sourcing, low rejection rate, and consumption optimization

  • Design Capabilities

    Collections based on a blend of western trends & sensibilities


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Frequently Asked Questions

Reliable & Efficient Retail Procurement Solutions

Are you looking to import goods and services from India and seeking reliable and efficient retail procurement solutions for your import services? Zoglix is your one-stop shop. As one of the top providers of comprehensive supply chain solutions in India, we take pride in our expertise in helping importers streamline their procurement process. Years into the business and our expertise and knowledge ensures that our solutions saves your time, money, and resources.

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    Comprehensive Solution for International Importers:

    At Zoglix, we understand the challenges faced by international importers when sourcing products from India. Our strong network and relationships with reputable suppliers enable us to offer comprehensive sourcing capabilities across a wide range of retail categories. We have the expertise to fulfill your needs.

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    Reliability and Quality Assurance:

    Where retail procurement is concerned, reliability and quality assurance are the most important. At Zoglix, we keep these factors as priority to make sure that our clients receive the best products that meet their specific needs. We even have a strict and elaborate supplier selection process to ensure that only trusted and reliable suppliers work with us. Our dedicated team conducts thorough quality inspections at every stage of the procurement process to maintain high standards and minimize the risk of any substandard products reaching our clients.

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    Efficiency and Cost Savings:

    We understand the value of cost savings and efficiency for our clients. Here, you can benefit from our expertise to optimize your retail procurement process. Our team puts in place the most efficient sourcing strategies to help you gain the maximum advantage.

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    Partner with Zoglix for Reliable and Efficient Retail Procurement Solutions:

    When it comes to retail procurement from India , Zoglix is your trusted partner. Our dedicated team understands the unique challenges faced by international importers and is committed to providing tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. We ensure a seamless procurement experience from start to finish.