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We understand the importance of staying in trend and offering the latest styles to your customers.


We’ve curated a selection of the most sought-after fashion suppliers in India who work leading fashion brands across the globe. Our team of experts is dedicated to finding the best in contemporary and luxury fashion, ensuring that you always have access to the hottest styles.

Faster Approals


Faster Approals

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4-8 Weeks

Average Production

SKUs selection


SKUs selection in
6 days

Follow-ups on PO on Dashboard

2 mins

Follow-ups on PO on

Rethinking procurement for retailers and brands

  • Vendor complexity management

    Centralized management of your entire India vendor portfolio

  • Service levels

    OTIF of +95% across all categories

  • Traceability

    Tech-enabled visibility with client dashboard of complete order lifecycle

  • Network

    500+ supplier network that covers the entire spectrum from design to delivery

  • Sustainability

    15-20% reduction in carbon footprint with easy access to natural and recyclable fabrics

  • Speed to market

    Significant lead time reductions of up to 20%

  • Vendor complexity management

    Centralized management of your entire India vendor portfolio

  • Cost competitiveness

    7-8% cost reduction through efficient RM sourcing, low rejection rate, and consumption optimization

  • Design Capabilities

    Collections based on a blend of western trends & sensibilities


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