FULFILLMENT COMPANIES The rapid growth of e-commerce is driving the demand for 3PL services worldwide.

We enable 3PL providers to overcome the supply chain challenges to attain seamless operations and ensuring prompt service delivery to clients.


Minimise challenges & attain seamless operations

Get end-to-end-visibility

Get end-to-end visibility

We provide end-to-end visibility, especially in last-mile delivery due to COVID-19 lockdown zones and travel restrictions. These disruptions streamline planning, predictability, and customer satisfaction.


Manage demand surges

Erratic consumer behaviour leads to stockpiling, driving up sale volumes. Unplanned demand was a considerable challenge even for the biggest players in the e-commerce sector since high order volumes require prior planning, demand estimates, and resource allocation.


Last-mile logistics

Zoglix facilitates steady inventory management flow in the retail and CPG space by resolving issues related to low availability of finished goods and warehouse distances helping in limiting the delays in deliveries.



Warehouses were in a bind as certain products witnessed huge demand, while the demand for other goods plummeted. Warehouses had to deal with reduced workforce, increased transport restrictions, and rising costs due to additional COVID-safety measures.

Why Zoglix


Quality Adherence

Avail best quality packaging products through our packaging life cycle as our experts continually think about compliance.


Innovative Design

Tap flexibility in design as we ensure material optimization while maintaining the integrity and brand identity of your product.


Cost Advantage

Get most competitive pricing for your non - standard SKU as we service large enterprises only to extend the volume discount per unit.


Vendor + Inventory Management

Enable procurement from vendors, storage at Moglix warehouses and last-mile delivery by our freight handling partners.


Sustainability & Compliance

Invest in solutions that consume fewer resources, reduce wastage, prevent spoilage and pilferage to enable material reuse and recycling.

Efficient E-commerce Fulfillment Services For Seamless Order Processing

As a business owner who wishes to import goods and services from India, you understand the importance of streamlined operations and timely delivery to meet the demands of your customers. With India’s diverse marketplace and a humongous range of products, finding the best e-commerce fulfillment services can be a real game-changer for your business.

Whether you’re a small-scale entrepreneur or a large enterprise, partnering with reliable and experienced eCommerce fulfillment providers in India can help you overcome the difficulties of international trade. Therefore, sign up for the solutions that will empower your business to grow while ensuring smooth order processing. Well, Zoglix is your reliable option.

The Benefits of the Best E-commerce Order Global Fulfillment Service For Your Business

For business owners eyeing to capitalize on India’s import opportunities, partnering with the best ecommerce order global fulfillment service can bring massive benefits. The services can uncomplicate a chain of processes including logistics management, the complexities of international shipping, customs regulations, and delivery challenges. By using a high-quality global fulfillment service, businesses can save precious time and resources. This means they can concentrate on their main strengths and activities.

That’s not it, and the advantages extend beyond it. Businesses gain access to real-time inventory management systems, empowering them to accurately track stock levels, optimize order fulfillment, and make informed decisions based on customer demand. All the benefits can get you a competitive edge in the marketplace. Therefore, partner with Zoglix and capitalize on advantages of the best ecommerce fulfillment service at your disposal.

The Zoglix Advantage

At Zoglix, we aim at streamlining and enhancing the fulfillment process for businesses. We leverage advanced technology and logistics expertise to offer end-to-end solutions, from inventory management, order processing, warehousing, and shipping. Zoglix also Provides businesses ecommerce fulfillment services by optimizing their operations, reduce costs, and focus on their core activities.